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After his wife commits suicide on the heels of a spiritual psychic consultation, a skeptic, obsessed with debunking spiritualists as charlatans, meets his match in a pair of gifted sisters who confront him with dark truths from his past, coercing him into believing.



A haunted former guerilla soldier, forced into poaching ivory to feed his starving family, finds himself gaining unwanted notoriety after shooting his estranged brother – a ruthless warlord who comes looking for revenge.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER - Cinestory Feature Fellowship

2nd Place – Table Read My Screenplay: Park City

2nd Place – ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest

Runner-Up – SoCal Screenplay Contest

Top 10 – Tracking Board: Launch Pad Feature Contest

Finalist – WeScreenplay Intl. Screenwriting Contest

Finalist – Winter 2016 Contest

Finalist – Creative World Awards

Finalist – 10th Annual StoryPros Awards

7.0 Avg. on The Blacklist


Inspired by true events: When her husband dies fighting the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, a Ukrainian woman resorts to buying a tank for the army on the condition that she be allowed to drive it into battle, and she becomes the first female tank driver to be awarded their military's highest honor.

WINNER Script Summit Action/Adventure

Finalist Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship: 5th Annual

Finalist Stowe Story Labs Fellowship

Semi-Finalist – Nashville Film Festival

Semi-Finalist – Story Pros Awards: 11th Annual

Top 50 – ISA Fast Track Fellowship: VI


Before Jesus of Nazareth became the Messiah other zealots waged a civil war against their Roman occupiers and Jewish countrymen. In the midst of this bloody holy war, Christianity came into being... Kingdom of God is its origin story.

(Game of Thrones meets The Bible)

1st Place – Creative World Awards – Dramatic Pilot

1st Place – Nextventertaiment Writing Contest

Runner Up – People’s Pilot Contest

Top 75 – Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Contest

Finalist – WeScreenplay TV Pilot Contest

7.2 Avg. on The Blacklist

Before Dishonor

An orphaned girl must navigate the complexities of love and honor in feudal Japan when her new parents train her to assassinate their dishonorable Shogun, the same man her adoptive Samurai father is sworn to defend with his life.

GRAND PRIZE – Palm Street Script Contest

Runner-Up – Monthly Contest

Honorable Mention – SoCal Screenwriting Competition

Finalist – Los Angeles CineFest

Finalist – WeScreenplay Shorts Contest


Inspired by true events: In 1820s Edinburgh, where demand for medical cadavers is high and supply is limited, a prominent doctor makes moves to fund his research by leveraging control of a lucrative cadaver black market. (Boardwalk Empire meets The Knick)

WINNER - Hollywood Hills Screenplay Contest - Best 1hr Pilot

WINNER - SoCal California Screenplay Contest - TV Pilot

Finalist - Stow Story Labs Fellowship

Finalist -Filmmatic Screenplay Awards

*More Pending


A single-father uses VR footage to give his young daughter a lifetime of experiences as she succumbs to cancer in the final days of her life, and in the process discovers his own need to experience life. 

GRAND PRIZE – Poe Films: Burning Love Screenplay Contest

1st Place – Hollywood Hills Screenplay Contest – Family Short

Finalist – Richmond International Film Festival

Semi-finalist – ScreenCraft Short Film Contest

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